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Silage System 1, 2, 3

With the 1-2-3 system you will have a complete forage silage system, which allows you to harvest, transport and store your forages, with the best quality and low cost.

Low cost

The initial investment compared with other store forage systems such as round bales and square bales, can be 30% to 50% lower. The cost of plastic per kilo is also 40% to 50% lower.


The quality obtained from the forages stored in Silo Press is one of the best. Fine chopping and excellent compaction ensure a very good nutritional quality. In addition, the bags come with a Factory warranty of 1.5 years.

Small losses

Silage with this system reduces silage losses at very low percentages. Other storage systems can lose 20-30%, and even the entire product.


The 1-2-3 system allows you to store forages, grains, seeds and other by- products, deliver fresh forage and distribute previously stored forage.


With the basic equipment, Harvester, Trailer, Silo Press and two tractors, the capacity is around 30 tons per day. With a second trailer and an additional tractor, the performance is doubled.

1- SIGMA Forage Harvester: Cut the grass and throw it already chopped to the forage trailer, which is hooked to the harvester. In a single job we have already chopped the forage inside the trailer. This work is preferably done with a tractor about 65-95 HP.

2- Forage Trailer DELTA: They discharge the previously chopped forage, using a lateral conveyor belt, to the Silo Press machine. They can also be used to feed the animals directly.

3- Silo Press MA-805: It receives the grass of the trailer DELTA previously chopped, it introduces the grass through a conveyor belt and compresses it in a bag with the best quality. In this work a second tractor of more than 65 HP is needed. This last tractor only works at the moment of unloading (Approximately 15 minutes).


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