Silage System 1, 2, 3 vs other systems

Within the main substitute systems and complementary to the 1 - 2 - 3 system, we could find small silage bags, square bales and round bales.

Initial investment

Initial investment change betweenprograms, but in general terms from lowestto highest the order should be: Small silagebags, System 1,2,3, Square Bales and finallyRound Bales.

Quality of the final product

In all systems, good quality storage can beachieved, if the correct practices are done. Itmust be understood that there are qualitydifferences between a silo, a haylage and ahay. The silo bag because of its smallpresentation, may be the most affected of allsystems if there is air presence, bad closureof the bag or rodents presence.

Hand Labor The system that requires more hand labor is small silage in a 50 kg bag. In small square bales, the labor of picking up the bales in the field is intensive, if the process is not mechanized. The system 1,2,3 and round bales, can be operated by one or two tractor drivers and could change according to the situation.

Maintenance All systems require careful operation and good harvesting conditions. The main risk could be associated to lack of experience of the driver, stones, slopes, sticks, wires... In general first time you work in new land, you should be more careful.

Performance The system of lower performance will be of silage in small bags. Among the other 3 systems there will be many considerations, such as kind of crop, density of the crop, distance to the storage place, etc. However, round bales have an advantage compared to other syst