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With this equipment you can harvest row
crops such as corn, sorghum, grasses, etc.

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This harvester comes with a hydraulic pump and spout, powered by an independent pump that is included as standard, which makes it possible to work without tractor hydraulic connections.


In addition, the machine is coming with tire, toothed plates that help to break the grains of corn, device to be able to approach the cutting flywheel to the counter knife and 6 driving fins for greater power of expulsion.


The fine chopping size of the SIGMA harvester increases the digestibility and the amount of material consumed by the animals, therefore you earn more. In addition, silage forage made with this chopping size has better quality than the silage made with long chopping size, because better compaction.

Cosechadora Sigma 2002 - Ideagro
Cosechadora Sigma 2002 - Ideagro
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Cosechadora avena  - Dia campo Guasca
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Sigma con CP 1050 en Avena - Ideagro
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With this equipment you can harvest row crops such as corn, sorghum, grasses, etc. Optionally you can change the row header for the CP 1050 (grass header), which allows you to cut not row grasses like oat and many other grasses, etc.


The main characteristic of this equipment is the hardness and resistance which it is built; This is because we understand that the equipment must be designed to withstand the continual unforeseen events that occur in the field.


The solid flywheel can withstand the possible entry of foreign objects and saves energy in the cut, so it requires less horsepower for its operation. The transmission of power through the PTO shaft instead of belts require minimal maintenance.


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