With this head you can cut not row forages.

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With this head you can cut not row forages. The great advantage of being able to have one of these heads is that you could have the opportunity to use your SIGMA harvester more frequently as you can cut many grasses.


Not only during the harvest season one or two times per year. Using this head with our SIGMA harvester, you will benefit from the different small chopping sizes of our harvester.


You will have high quality silage from not row forage crops. Because the small chopping size you could storage the forage in our Silo Press or Silo Pack machines.


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According to the density and height of the grasses, the advance speed must decrease or increase.


Likewise, the power requirements of the tractor increase, or decrease as a function of forward speed and density.


The design of the head mounted on the harvester, is not so wide as other systems and is located slightly behind the tractor tire. This facilitates circulation and lift effort for the tractor. This is achieved with a compact and robust head, but lightweight.

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