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It allows to silage large volumes of forage without facilities,

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It allows to silage large volumes of forage without facilities, excessive use of hand labor or machinery.


The silo press technique replaces bunker, tower and other silo types available in the market, with many advantages like investment cost, machinery wear, quality and versatility. With our machine you can make and store silage, hay and haylage, in addition to other products such as cottonseed, corn, cakes, pellets and discarded tubers among other possibilities.


The final silage product has high quality and better value energy, compared to other storage systems, mainly because the fast oxygen absence.

In other storage systems such as outside compacted and plastic cover forage, the losses in quantity could be between 10% and 20%, being able to be much and even losing the complete silage.


The bag of 5 feet in diameter x 60 meters in length, has a guarantee of 1.5 years. It is not reusable and stores 50 to 60 tons.


The silage can be extracted without affecting what is stored 1 meter beyond, without risk of exposing all the forage to the oxygen presence.

Silo Press MA-80 Elaboracion 2.wmv
Silo Press MA-80 Elaboracion 2.wmv
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